The Program

The Circular Plastics in the Americas Program was launched in September 2021 by different international consortiums, one formed by GFA Consulting GmbH, NIRAS and CLEAN, and the other by SEQUA, EPRD and FCH, under the “EU Foreign Policy Instrument (FPI)”

The Program - Circular Plastics


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The Program - Circular Plastics
The Program - Circular Plastics
The Program - Circular Plastics
The Program - Circular Plastics
The Program - Circular Plastics

Overall Projects Objective

To strengthen the EU’s leading role in the transition to the plastics of the future and to contribute to more competitive resilient plastics and recycling indistries. The action will contribute for the EU to reach its global climate commitments and industrial policy objectives, by supporting the interational aspects of the EU Plastics Strategy in the Americas Region.


To support a transition to sustainable production and consumption of plastics in the Americas Region and contribute to significantly reducing marine and riverine litter, facilitated through European circular economy inspired methods, policies and business models.

Components and Results





Support the region by advancing EU’s green diplomacy to appropriately distribute (among its people) resources, knowledge, ability, and wealth in order to meet their current and future needs, while flourishing in harmony with nature.

The Program - Circular Plastics


Our mission is to facilitate the transition to the circular economy of plastics in the Americas, through:

  • POLICIES: Contribute to the creation of public policies and legislative framework to encourage the transition towards the rational and efficient use of plastics, compatible with the vision of a circular economy.
  • TO EASE: Serve as a point of contact to facilitate partnerships and business opportunities, relevant to plastics compatible with circular economy objectives in the Americas.
  • REFERENCE: Present and compare the results and macro-economic, social and environmental benefits of the application of solutions to plastic compatible with a vision of circular economy in the region.
  • TO SHARE: Share experiences and best practices among experts, project developers and other agents of change in the field of plastics, compatible with the circular economy in and for the Americas.
  • CONSCIENCE: Introduce and create awareness, and knowledge, of the circular economy concept applied in the plastics value chain in the Americas.
  • DECISION: Trigger policy development and informed decision-making to enable the adoption of solutions to plastic, compatible with the circular economy.
  • INNOVATION: Promote innovative business models, tools and methods, to facilitate the transition towards circular plastics compatible with the circular economy in the Americas.
The Program - Circular Plastics


Why CIRCULAR PLASTICS? In the face of unwanted contamination of the soil, water, air, flora and fauna generated by the inappropriate production and consumption of plastics, circular economy serves as a viable alternative model to avoid such type of pollution.

Considering the global relevance of promoting a circular plastics economy, the European Union launched in September 2021 the Circular Plastics in the Americas program (CPAP). The focus is on supporting this transition in Brazil, Canada, Chile and Colombia, by enhancing the dialogue and cooperation on circular plastic solutions in line with the EU Plastic Strategy, to among others, prevent marine litter. The promotion of the circular economy model in these countries will serve as a reference framework to create opportunities for the development of new tools, business models and design methods.

CPAP contributes with the strengthening of public policies and collaborative work with authorities, as well as promoting the sharing of knowledge and showcasing of technologies and innovations with actors in the plastics value chain through an innovative digital co-creation platform, pilot projects, and strategic awareness campaigns.

The program is to last until January 2024 and through the linkage of people, partners, ideas and actions aims to be an important ally in the transition towards a circular plastics value chain in the region.

The Program - Circular Plastics


The Program - Circular Plastics

General E-mail

[email protected]

Main Office

GFA Consulting Group GmbH
Eulenkrugstraße 82, 22359
Hamburgo, Germany​

Brazil Office

Project Office Brazil
SCN Bloco 4 – Sala 1249
Brasília, Brazil

Canada Office

EPRD Office for Economic
Policy and Regional Development Ltd.
E: [email protected]

Chile Office

Fundación Chile
Avenida Parque Antonio Rabat Sur 6165, Vitacura
Santiago, Chile

Colombia Office

NIRAS América Latina SAS
Calle 69ª #4-47, Ofs 4 y 5
Bogotá, Colombia

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